Demo_Day Partner: Scotty AI

Scotty AI


I’m Scotty. I’m here to change the way you engage with candidates and employees. And I mean really change it. And how am I going to do that? By having up to half a million conversations at the same time, in 140 different languages. Without bias, prejudice, or unfair judgement. Through simple chats, whether via text or voice, that source, qualify and onboard the perfect people for your team. I’m a sleepless, tireless, ridiculously-efficient machine that you can simply plug into your recruitment and HR processes.
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Je vindt ons op Demo_Day in: Gang A
Fases in het recruitmentproces:
Werving, Selectie, Management
Bots & voice, Process automation, Recruitment marketing


Pre-screening; Schedule Interview; Employer Brand; Language Switch; Multiple Channels
Demo talk:
Did you ever imagine witnessing such rapid changes in our world—from bionic limbs controlled by the mind to self-driving cars? The arrival of AI marks both a tool of mass innovation and disruption. Industries are being reshaped, and Talent Acquisition is no exception. Is this bad news? We think not! During this breakout, you’ll learn how to navigate and drive these changes, by meeting Scotty AI and its potential to automate up to 90% of repetitive tasks in the hiring process.


Naam: Scotty AI